Pricing & Billing

You pay the same price for your medications as you do at your existing pharmacy. For customers on 3 or more prescription medications, our service, including delivery, is free. Otherwise, it’s $20 per month on top of medication costs.
Concession holders: You will pay $6.20 per prescription.

Non-Concession holders: We offer extremely competitive pricing. We are happy to provide a quote upfront to avoid any nasty surprises.
Concession card holders: Once you reach your Safety Net, your medications will be provided at no cost to you.

General Patients: Once you reach your Safety Net, your medication cost is capped at $6.20 per prescription.
Being a subscription service, we require your payment details to be kept on file. Payment methods are…

1. Credit Card
2. Direct Debit from your Bank Account

During the sign up process, we will ask you which billing method you prefer. You will be charged on a monthly basis, according your usage. You will receive a monthly statement reflecting these changes.